Immortality or bust

1, 7 and Ouch!

Marios sat at the edge of the hole, ‘Now what had the glowing figure said’ Marios thought to himself…. “Scratched by thorns, plunged into water”, nowhere could he remember they had to been any reference to being ‘Gouged by a 20 foot demon with horns so sharp and pointy that it would take a good tailor weeks to fix his doublet…. and then generally getting tossed all over the place and stamped on…. and don’t even get me started on those bloody shadow wolves’

Anyway, and on with our story… Where were we, oh yes, sitting on the edge of a hole. That’s the problem with being a bold, brave, (and even if I do say it myself, devilishly handsome) adventurous type, you tend to find yourself in these situations from time to time; staring into a dark hole, wondering what is actually at the bottom of it, and more importantly WHY you are the one that has to ALWAYS go into it to find out!!??

Marios gazes up at his companions. Nix, a mighty mage, with his ghastly old boots!! You would think that a bit of polish would not be out of the question! Saf, the ever smiling draconian… well, I presume he is smiling, either that or he is hungry, and Marios don’t even want to think about what he eats, although he did wonder how he keeps his teeth so clean? Kathra, a shining light in the darkness, so beautiful, so demure, so kind and yet so Dangerous! Not the kind of woman to get on the wrong side of. Marios made a mental note to be nicer to Kathra, maybe buy her some flowers, or something? Then finally his eyes turned to Gildak. Marios could always know where to find Gildak, the scent of unwashed, vertically challenged biped (is it politically correct to say dwarf?) was unmistakable, and although he would be without doubt a great drinking partner (possibly even to rival his fighting ability) he was also the most rancid and filthy individual that Marios had ever come across (apart from that night in a tavern several years ago, but he had been young, drunk and left with a rash that had not cleared up for months!!)

They all grinned eagerly at Marios (Sef more than the others) waiting for him to step off into the abyss …………..

“Today’s adventures were brought to you by the numbers 1 and 7 and the word ‘Ouch!’ ”

The friendly pat on Marios’ back from Kathra seemed more like a push, as he headed into the dark, corpse filled pit, if only he had a light! As if reading his thoughts a wooden torch flew in from above, Nix’s grinning face could be seen at the top of the shaft, he seemed only slightly disappointed that he had missed Marios with the wooden projectile. After a brief search of the stench filled pit, Marios found the Raven Skull Rod, for which they had been looking and clambered back out of the pit.

A pathway had opened in the Mist, as they always did once these relics had been discovered, or the mysteries had been completed. The group gathered itself together, apart from Saf, who had found a patch of sunlight and hissed and anyone that tried to disturb his half slumber. Kathra ensured the group that it was due to the grievous wounds that he had suffered in the previous battles, but Marios was unsure, but knew better than to argue.

They headed off into the Mist, Nix leading the way… of course, they got lost. Nix after a while pulled out a quill and parchment to make a map of the pathways, embellishing it with beautiful designs and symbols, either that of he was conducting some kind of ritual that finally brought them to a squat stone building that smelt of old books and smoke. It soon became clear why, the building was, in fact, a library and the smoke was coming from the large fire that a Non-Vertically Challenged (can we say Giant?) person had built out of the contents. Nailed to the doorway by a selection of quills was (as Kathra pointed out to the group) ‘A dead… oh hold on a second… alive!’ male elf.

Marios and Kathra rescued the elf, known as Ionder, while Nix went running off (again) towards the fire muttering under his breath something about the horror of burning parchment, and the ill effects the smoke can have on people breaking in the fumes. There was a brief battle in which Ionder made everyone vanish from the Giant and his spider-like minion’s view, apart from Marios, who received a battering, like which he had never received before! Marios made another ’Mental Note to Self’ involving trying to not get squashed to a bloody pulp.

Gildak amazed everyone with his amazing footwork and showed off to the giant by moving his axe from one hand to another, but other than that, did not really hit anything. The group was impressed and commented (often) that maybe he should take up a new career on the stage.

After the battle Kathra peeled Marios’ blood soaked body off the wall, where it hung, in a near life-less state, while Ionder formally introduced himself to the rest of the companions. Ionder was a follower of the Raven Queen and was looking for information in the Library when it was attacked by a Nasty vertically challenged person (OK a Dwarf) riding a wyvern, who had killed him (it would appear that the mere presence of the group had brought him back from the dead… curious!) and, he also, was on the same quest to assist his patron that the fellowship was currently undertaking. It was decided that he could be useful (having already proved this) and allowed to join the group to achieve their aims.

Ionder and Nix started to ransack the Raven Queens alter at the back of the library for anything useful, which seemed this was exactly what was required, as another pathway opened in the Mist. Pockets bulging with tomes and scrolls they emerged, giggling like school girls to themselves and discussing what great arcane power they had looted… errr …found, it was obvious that they had very quickly become close friends.

Gildak sat looking at his mighty battle-axe, as if for the first time, wondering to himself which end he should use in the future. Then he remembered the first rule he was taught in the dwarven fighting pits, ‘Pointy end goes in the bad guys’. Gildak got to his feet with a smelly shrug and stomped off ahead of the group though the Mist.

The Mist parted once again onto a large open Plaza containing a Pyramid with a flattened area at its top, at the corners were four pillars, on three of which were flayed skin creatures, the nasty type that pull off bits of their own flesh and throw it at you. On the fourth pillar sat a wyvern, it tails swinging from side to side, its eyes burning with malice. At the top of the Pyramid stood (yes, I will say it) A DWARF, in full, black plate mail carrying a wicked looking axe, beside him lay the body of a female figure, it’s sprit floating above.

Gildak (who as previously mentioned) was having problems with his own mighty weapon, immediately charged forward to discuss in depth how to use it properly, and then was given a demonstration of the way it could be used. The wyvern flew down to breath its rancid breath on the remained of the group, while they tried to dodge the fleshy globules of the undead creatures that rained down on them. The dark armored Dwarf known as “Muurrmmerrr” pulled a vessel from his belt and a Lich appeared at his side and skeletal horses arose from the ground.

It was at that point that literally All Hell broke loose! …………….




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