Immortality or bust

Petitioning the Raven

Pierced by Thorns.

“You would think that dwarven tact, poise and grace couldn’t fit into such a diminuitive body such as our little, walking, talking fragrant warrior…” Saf watched as the dwarf led them up the steps and added “You’d be right…” Swinging his spear wide, out and over the misty chasm beside the mountain stair, Saf paced beside Kathra who gently patted her Warhammer, almost dusting it off. Nix delicately bowed allowing Marios to stride forward.

Ahead of the heroes, a cross shaped edifice sat upon the plateau, half torn and sundered, wrapped in thorns the other half resplendent as if the masons had just blown the last of the dust of thier labours away. Scattered as if torn dolls, the bodies of the honourable lay strewn, recently killed, ominous shadows within could not hide the distinctive Infernal utterings of a ritual and blatantly risen as undead a ghoulish mass of limbs and torsos lumbered into view.

Saf was on the run towards it before the alarm was raised, Marios and Gildak following cautiously and not so cautiously. Then ‘hell’ broke loose.

Dark strands of power slammed into Saf, coiling his draconic spine in arching agony as necromantic forces struck him, and the horde of undeath made themselves known.

“Oh.” Marios evaluated the situation, noting foulslingers and a rather pale looking witch. and within the building a ritual of some form and more things that the layman would call ‘ghoul’. Having noted the situation, taken stock of what the pay-off might be, it boiled down to the simple economics of “This will be so much easier if everyone is alive” and set about working out his most effective kill-path for the next 30 heart beats… and waited for 4 of them.

Nix was looking a little harder at the situation. The walls and slight dome within the building would allow for a magical resonance, which if timed should permit for some serious devastation and probably a lot of adulation and potential for posturing for actually achieving something; unlike some…

“Can… not… lift… one… foot… infront… of.. other…” Grunted Gildak, suffering in the same vein as Saf but without such a long spinal column was far more resilient against such ghoulish mummery… He wouldn’t normally mind but this sort of inability to move was normally reserved to moments when he was cataclysmically pissed on Duegar Stout…

Chains of undeath, hooked and barbed dragged bright white bones onto humanoid form and the Necromancer casually bound power after power, and hindered each and every one.

Kathra worked hard, damned hard to catch the wounds of these fellows;but the simplest of ploys made things hard… If you can’t see them, how bad are they?

Nix conjured a Firewyrm, which lay a blazen path across the ghoul ranks and, sure enough found the correct magical angle, which, future philosophers will eventually recognise as a potential step to god-hood, but for now, Nix was quite happy to have the after image of so much destruction glowing like embers in the retinas of his, and his friends eyes…

Marios’ path surely did create death, but at a great cost, Kathra didn’t expect To need to look after him but tended to his wounds with one of her Runes. The Runes cast this day saved them all.

As with all heroic battles, the final blow was to lay the necromancer dead… Well Actuallt=y the final blow was from Saf who decided to carry on hitting the body on the floor… He said “Just to be certain!” but it did come across as if the necromantic fugue that held him at bay might not have cleared completely.

Binding wounds and checking the signs, Marios led the way on. Pierced by Thorns, he uncovered the paths within the mists.. North to the beacon above the cistern of water, and east to unknown parts.

The Raven is in dire need our heroes hear… Our heroes, within the hour are preparing to assault A Tiefing upon a bridge…

End of chapter the first



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