Immortality or bust

Tieflings & Demons

... or "What we did in our Winter Holidays"

We stood looking at the temple before us, it itself an iconic representation of the slide into entropy which time and decay brings to all things, observing the roving undead in it’s grounds and listening to the shark toothed diabolist chanting within.

Marios got on with it, moving ahead to see the lay of the land whilst the balance of our company discussed the finer differences between charging in (on foot) charging in (by flying) and charging in (by teleportation). Needless to say the debate raged until the slight (but extraordinarily well groomed) man returned and with a slight cough, and an angled poise which would have had the most hardened of crones in a swoon, Marios announced ‘Tiefling, Fishlizardsnakes, Ghouls, … and we’re flying’

So we did, Nix invoking the Breath of the Desert Dragon (and with a moments confusion as he tried to avoid being the first to expose himself, and not in a good way)and Gildak began the Flight of the (short) Valkyrie, leading Saf, Kathra, Marios and finally Nix in a two stage airborne assault.

There was a great and mighty battle which basically ended with Gildak and Saf stamping on the face of the tiefling until his little horney-worneys snapped. There was considerable pain on our own behalf as the fishey-snakey-lizardey things proved to be quite unpleasent, but nothing that the stern matronly ‘pull yourself together man’ healing approach of Kathra couldnt resolve whicht at the same time getting right in the face of the ghouls. There were the beginnings of some bottom jokes.

Once the fight was over we came to the conclusion that Gildak wasn’t going to take a bath in the special water which one of us needed to be bathed, and whilst debate raged, Marios just leapt in. We heard the ringing of a bell, and in the distance a great spire was seen with a light at the top. A bit like last time, and so we headed off, almost leaving behind a great stack of gems and jewelry as the improvised “laise faire”-off got silly. Someone has them now anyway…

Walking onwards the path twisted and turned, giving a moments concern we might have been better off taking ‘the other path’ (something we need to look into at some point) we eventually came to a squat blocky monastery type place, again displaying the signature pristine to destroyed sliding scale. Our strategising was cut short as a deep voice was heard to laugh as a rag doll body was seen thrown through the air.

Marios was already scouting ahead, though it seemed the guard hounds were waiting for him and one proceeded to bite his face off. A terrible and bloody fight followed, and whilst no-one died, it wasn’t for a lack of trying on both sides! We eventually laid low a great demon, his obsidian knight-like guardians and the pesky hounds of smoke and shadow which blinded people with the ash and darkness they left behind in the air.

We ended sitting around a hole in the ground, confident that something quite interesting was down the bottom…



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