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Waterdeep – Manderville Scrote, or Scrote the goat. Ancient artificer and potion maker. Has lived over 150 years, rumoured to be on longevity potions. He supplies the High guild of art, governed by Khelban “Blackstaff” Arunsun and the Host Tower of the Arcane. A steady flow of goods pass in and out of his shop due to the many adventurers who explore under mountain below waterdeep, specialises in magic items but also buys and sells anything of value (at reduced value).

Suzail, Cormyr – Glarasteer Rhauligan, Harper Lord and Merchant prince of the turret tops and spires of Cormyr. Noted to be able to get his hands on many things but is a dealer is precious metals and gems. He also can provide and source many items but normall asks for an additional commission fee on top.

Mirabar – On the sword coast and home to Kathra. Mirabar is ruled by a hereditary marchion, Elastul Raurym, but the true power is in an elected assembly called the Council of Sparkling Stones
Kathra has a sigilled rune engraved into the floor of a small in a 6ft high room, cluttered with runes, bits of armour and sketched notes.
Mirabar is a trading town selling mithril and silver goods and weapons.

Myth Dranor – A sigiled circle of wooden posts on the edge of the feywild and the world of Faerun, a pocket between the two realms. In a idyllic glade on the edge of a deep forest sits the squat tower of Ioandar. The tower is filled with books, and oddities from around Faerun, though all neatly piled and organised.

Cormyr – A ramshackle building that looks like it has slumped together(though structurally strong and sound) with a thatched and moss covered roof. It has its back to the high hills overlooking the sleepy farming village of Fallowdown. The tall Sigilled portal stone sits in front of the house in an overgrown flower garden.

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